Lash Lifting and Tinting 



Lash Lift and Tint


This is a wonderful eyelash enhancing treatment that provides the appearance of longer, curlier, fuller, and darker natural eyelashes. It is a great option for those unsuitable for eyelash extensions, or who require a natural look but with less maintenance than eyelash extensions. This treatment is non brand specific version of the well-advertised ‘LVL’ treatment. Your natural lashes are chemically lifted into position for your desired amount of curl, and then tinted for further depth and definition. This treatment lasts up to two months without maintenance.  




 Lash Lift Only


It you prefer not to have your lash tinted along with your lift, you may want to opt for simply lifting your natural eyelashes to the curl of your dreams. This treatments may last up to two months maintenance free.




 Lash Tint


This treatment is designed to give you darker lashes, which in turns gives the illusion of longer, thicker lashes too. Perfect for blondes and red heads, either to offer naturally darkened and defined lashes, or prior to an eyelash extension application for a more seamless appearance.


What to expect


This is a very relaxing treatment where you will be lying down for the duration of treatment time.


Can I get my lash lift and tint wet?


Yes, once your procedure is over, you may treat your lashes as you usually would.



Can I wear mascara?


Yes absolutely, all types of mascara are suitable for use with this beauty treatment.




How to care for my lash lift and tint


One of the beauties of this treatment is that it is completely low maintenance. You may treat your enhanced eyelashes in the same way you would normally treat your eyelashes.