Eyelash Extensions

What are Semi permanent eyelash extensions?


Semi permanent eyelash extensions or classic semi-permanent eyelash extensions as they are also known by, is the application of one eyelash extension, to one isolated natural lash.

They are called semi-permanent eyelash extensions because with proper aftercare, the extensions will shed along with the natural lash it is attached to, when that lash is ready to be replaced by new growth. Therefore, a set of eyelash extensions may last up to 2 months. However, as we shed approximately 2-5 eyelashes across both eyes every day, a maintenance infill appointment is recommended every two to three weeks to keep your extensions looking full and at their best. Eyelash extensions range in thickness, length, and strength of curl. It is very important that the correct eyelash extension thickness is selected for your natural eyelashes, as the greater the thickness of the extension, the greater the extension will weigh. Using an extension that is too heavy to be properly supported by your natural lashes, can damage your natural lashes with prolonged wear. Your natural eyelashes provide structural support to your extensions, so with this type of application, the fullness effect of the finished results will depend on the strength and thickness of your natural lashes. That being said if a longer appointment duration is booked, once your extensions have been applied, we can use master technician techniques to add appropriately weighted finer lashes to stack, or cap the existing extensions, to provide a look of further fullness, a softer fluffier appearance, in addition to a more textured, organic effect. Classic Semi permanent eyelash extensions can achieve either a very natural, to a very glamourous look, with a variety of different styling options. During your free of charge style consultation, we will outline your options, and discuss your desired effect.




Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions


Russian Volume eyelash extensions is the newest, and most advanced technique in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. With this technique, several ultra-fine eyelash extensions, are spread, or fanned out, and then picked up to get together in one motion, and then applied to a single, isolated natural lash. Although several extensions are applied to one natural lash, as long as the correct number of lashes are applied for the condition of that natural lash, an amazing full, and thick appearance can be achieved while maintaining the health of your natural lashes on an ongoing basis. As each volume fan (the term used for the spread out collection of extensions applied to one natural lash) is created during the application, this is a longer duration treatment session than classic eyelash extensions. However due to the way these ultra-fine extensions adhere to the natural lash, they tend to last longer than classic semi-permanent eyelash extensions as they are less likely to snag on clothing etc. Although usually aptly named Russian Volume due to the luxurious, and sumptuously full look effect this technique can create, the Russian volume technique can also be used to create a completely undetectable effect. Peekaboo Lash and Brow Studio offer a ‘light volume’ option for those who desire a beautiful, but very natural enhancement. During your style consultation, we will conclude which option is best suited to meet your needs.





Can anyone wear eyelash extensions?


A very small percentage of the population will be sensitive to the adhesive used to bond the eyelash extensions to the natural eyelashes. We take the precaution of providing our clients a free of charge patch test prior to a full application, to help determine whether this treatment is suitable for you. Past allergic reactions to cyanoacrylate would present a contraindication for this treatment. Individuals with certain eye conditions such as blepharitis, will need to be successfully managing their condition prior to having eyelash extensions. Additionally, individuals whom have under gone invasive beauty treatments or surgery around the eye area, will need to wait until they have fully recovered before having eyelash extensions applied.




Can I get my extensions wet?


After an initial 12 hour period, where the bonding agent is fully set, you can shower, bath, swim and exercise with your eyelash extensions. In fact you should wash your lashes daily to ensure natural oils from the skin, built up products, and pollutants from the air are removed from the lashes to aid in their retention, and to maintain the hygiene and health of your lash line.




Can I wear mascara with my eyelash extensions?


One of the beauties of having eyelash extensions is waking up with the appearance of mascara already on. However if you are someone who cannot live without mascara, we recommend using an oil free mascara applied to the tips of your lashes only. Never apply waterproof, 3D fibre mascara, or extended wear mascara, as these types of mascara, may damage both your extensions, and your natural lashes when applied on top of your eyelash extensions. Please note if you opt for Russian volume eyelash extensions, mascara is not recommended at all onthe upper lashes, as it will close the fans.



Before your appointment



Prior to your treatment, to ensure the full efficacy of the extension bonding agent, please refrain from using any oils, or anti aging eye creams on, or too close to your lash line for a minimum of 3 days before your appointment. If you have fair eyelashes, we recommend booking a lash tinting service which we offer at our studio for a seamless appearance. On the day of your appointment please arrive without eye make up on your upper eyelids or lashes. Please avoid consuming coffee or other highly caffeinated drinks or supplements, 2 hours prior to your appointment as too much caffeine can cause the eyes to twitch, making the application of your extensions difficult.




What to expect


Eyelash extensions is a wonderfully relaxing treatment. You will be lying down, with your eyes closed for the duration of the appointment, which varies depending on the treatment option you select. The duration times of each treatment option is available to view on our treatments prices menu option, through our online booking system, and within your appointment confirmation email.  Due to the thin nature of eyelashes, and the extensions applied, eyelash extensions procedure is best performed as a silent treatment, as your eyes, along with your eyelashes move as you speak, even with closed eyes . Don’t worry, relaxing music will be playing in the background in a volume soft enough to allow you to drift off to sleep, which many clients do.




How to care for your eyelash extensions


  • For the first 12 hours after your treatment, avoid getting your extensions wet to ensure the bonding agent used to adhere the extensions to your natural lashes is completely set.

  • Avoid using steam rooms or saunas for the first 48 hours.

  • Avoid any oil based products both on your lashes, or close to the lash line.

  • Be gentle and careful with your eyelashes. Avoid rubbing your eyes, and do not pick, play or pull your extensions.

  • When using a towel to dry your extensions, gently pat dry. Rubbing your extensions with towels can cause them to catch on the towels fibres. We recommend using an oil free foaming face wash to clean off any eye make up, and to maintain the hygiene of your lash line. Cotton pads, and facial wipes can also become snagged on your eyelashes extensions, possible pulling them off. Additionally, eye make up removers often contain oils, or other ingredients that may break down your extensions adhesive.

  • Avoid using clamp style eyelash curlers on your extensions.

  • Avoid wearing mascara as this will lessen the life of your extensions

  • Wash your extensions daily to remove natural oils, pullutants from the environment, and any possible make up to ensure you’re the health and hygiene of your lash line.

  • Avoid direct sources of heat. Be very careful when opening the oven,  bbqing or lighting cigerettes.