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Hello, and welcome to Peekaboo Lash and Brow Studio. I’m Gina McLaren, and I am a Lash and Brow Specialist, and the owner of Peekaboo Lash and Brow Studio.  In the past I studied a BSc degree in Psychology, and I have a commercial background as an Advertising Manager, although I have always had a passion and flare for beauty.  After discovering eyelash extensions, my passion for this industry grew exponentially, so I decided to use my skills in research to seek out, and learn all I could about this amazing, and transforming treatment. I went on to train with various institutions, in order to equip myself with as much knowledge, skill, and experience as possible. I possess a vast amount of knowledge in this area of expertise, where my skills are sought out by many of my industry peers, a number of my clients are eyelash extension technicians themselves.  I have trained in all of the most advanced, and latest techniques such as feathering, capping, stacking, and of course the newest technique to take this industry by storm – Russian volume eyelash extensions. I continue to commit to my professional development, by actively participating in the international Lash Artist community where we share, knowledge, trials and tribulations, and best practice. I’m also an active member of the only UK professional trade association for this industry - the World Association of Lash Artistry and Development (WALAD). This association is committed to developing the skills, and knowledge of professionals within this industry, in order to raise the standard of this treatment on a national, and International basis. I have the honour of being asked to be a special guest speaker and share my knowledge, at the first ever UK Lash Artist Convention in the summer of 2015.


Eyebrows of course frame the eyes, and face in its entirety. They are often one of the first things people notice on another person’s face. As a natural perfectionist my eyes, and passion, naturally extended to the brow area in order to produce the effortlessly polished look that groomed, and defined eyebrows, as well as beautiful, clump free eyelash extensions offer. I decided to train in the eyebrow treatments I feel offer the best of best worlds in terms of the durations of results, scope of the given treatment, and of course final results. I thrive on ensuring both my clients and myself, are happy with the results of their chosen treatment. I pride myself in offering the very best service, and products that money can buy, so my clients can have 100% peace of mind when booking a treatment with Peekaboo Lash and Brow Studio.


I am fully qualified, and insured for all the treatments I offer, and  in order to comply with UK beauty business insurance policies, I patch test new clients who plan to receive eyelash extensions, eyebrow extensions, tints, or lash lifts. I perform patch tests during a 30 minute style consultation, a service that helps to both safe guard your well being, in addition to ensuring the right look is achieved for you.